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Max Bill, 1908 – 1994

February 16, 2011

Max Bill, one of the founders of the Ulm School of Design with Otl Aicher, was an architect, painter, sculptor, politician, educationalist, writer, in short, a ‘universal creator’.

As a designer and artist, Bill sought to create forms which visually represent the New Physics mathematics of the early 20th century. He sought to create objects so that the new science of form could be experienced by the senses.

Max Bill died in Berlin in 1994.





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  1. Fedry says:

    I also like these styels. Especially the simplicity of it. It’s funny you should post this. I was just thinking about something I might design related to bicycling while I was on my bike tonight. Look out for the Black Mountain Militia soon. No return.

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