Wim Crouwel

February 16, 2011

Originally a painter, Wim Crouwel designed his first poster in 1952 and discovered the pleasure of organising visual information in an aesthetical context. Crouwel is also known as the designer of the typeface New Alphabet. According to Wim, New Alphabet was ‘over-the-top and never meant to be really used’. However, as unreadable as it was, it made a comeback in 1988 when designer Brett Wickens used a version of the font on the sleeve of Substance by Joy Division.

As a founder of design studio Total Design, Crouwel helped it to become the first bureau that managed to accept large and multidisciplinary design tasks for the government, as well as commercial clients. Total Design is known today as Total Identity and employs over 150 designers between six cities.




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