Odermatt & Tissi

February 18, 2011

Siegfried Odermatt originally wanted to be a photographer and worked at a few photographic studios and advertising agencies before becoming inspired by graphic designers such as Max Huber. Self-taught, Odermatt opened his design studio in 1950, at the age of 24.

Without the formal training from the Swiss design schools, Odermatt soon made his name with breaking the traditional rules, using dramatic cropping of photographs, and the division of space on a page. He continued alone until the arrival of Rosemarie Tissi in the early 1960s, who was made a partner in 1968.

The work is still done by traditional methods, without the use of a computer in the studio.

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Image sources: insect54 Flickr, KonstructiveDesign, Gewerbemuseum.





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