Niklaus Troxler

February 25, 2011

Nilaus Troxler was born in Switzerland in 1947. After discovering Jazz in his teens, Troxler organized his first Jazz concert at the age of 19. Troxler’s Jazz concerts eventually became 4-day festivals, as well as an outlet for which he could explore his other love, graphic design, by designing the posters for each event since 1966.

Troxler embarks on each poster design by finding for metaphors of the music, then expressing them in illustrations or typography, but never photography, which he considers to be clichéd.

I would say that Troxler’s style is only slightly influenced by the Swiss masters such as Joseph Müller-Brockmann. There is usually still a grid in play, but Troxler’s work is more playful and free, undoubtedly a direct result of the usual subject matter – Jazz.

Since 1998, Troxler has been a Professor at State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart / Germany.

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