David Sedgwick Glory Glory

August 16, 2013

Glory Glory is an upcoming exhibition and book of large format typographic posters based on football chants, in support of British Blind Sport. For the show, David Sedgwick created his poster from wood and acrylic, measuring approximately just over a meter in size. The rest of the chant is etched into the wood around the hexagon edges. The chant belongs to the Argentinian team Boca Juniors.

The full chant is: ‘Vamos, vamos los xeneizes, vamos xeneizes vamos a ganar, somos la mitad mas uno, somos el pueblo y el carnaval, Boca te llevo en el alma, y cada día te quiero más.’

which translates as;

‘Go, Go Xeneizes (Boca fans are known as Los Xeneizes (the Genoese), The Xeneizes are going to win, We are half plus one, We are the people and the Carnival, Boca is in the soul, And each day I love you more.’






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